Koeye River Fish Weir

A recurring theme on the website over the coming months will be our Koeye River fish weir project. For thousands of years First Nations people on the Northwest Coast built weirs  (basically picket fences) and fish traps on salmon rivers as a means of harvesting returning fish. However, they have not been used in Bella Bella for close to 100 years. Now in collaboration with the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management department we are resurrecting the practice of weir building in the Koeye River, allowing us to monitor annual returns of sockeye salmon to the watershed. It is an extremely ambitious project which will almost certainly provide plenty of challenges as well as rewards. Fortunately we are also working closely with Grant Callegari and others from the Hakai Beach institute to build the structure. Grant is a bit of a renaissance man, talented as a carpenter, woodsman, field engineer and apparently as an artist. He put together these lovely sketches of the weir design in preparation for the coming field season.

WeirPlan1 WeirPlan2


2 thoughts on “Koeye River Fish Weir

  1. Hi,
    would it be possible to obtain these weir illustrations for our upcoming publication promoting the Koeye Weir project? They would be running in our magazine, Vancouver Foundation, a philanthropical publication – Grants at a Glance section. Do you have any other photos/illos of this subject?

    Thank you,
    Canada Wide Media Ltd.

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