Getting underway at the Koeye

After spending last week prepping materials and falling alder for the weir build, our crew spent this week hauling materials up the Koeye River to the weir site. The site is situated about two kilometers up river just below the top of high tide and with the river low from the spell of dry weather, we needed a high tide over about 14 feet to make it up with the punt. With a series of good high tides last week at night, we decided to take advantage and try to get everything up to the weir site. After three nights of midnight boat journeys upriver we were exhausted but happy to have everything in place for the weir build.

Grant Callegari and his crew from the Hakai Beach Institute made it over on Wednesday, and with the extra manpower we managed to take two full loads of with the last bit of lumber up. Thursday we spent upriver getting things organized and started to refine the process of building panels for the weir.

This weekend, Ilja Herb an incredibly talented photographer and filmmaker arrived in Bella Bella  and will be joining us at Koeye this week and during subsequent trips up to document the project for a short documentary film.

A few photos from this week:



Scott with the first of many weir panels.


Grant explaining the plan to our crew



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