Koeye River Weir Update

After a two week stint out at the Koeye River, our group is back in Bella Bella for a few days of R & R. Its been a productive month and we are just about ready to get the weir in the water and start fishing. The past few weeks we were privileged to host students from a UVic course being co-taught by Qqs’ own Jess Housty and UVic professor Chris Darimont. The course titled “Consilience” was focused on how scientists and policymakers can better integrate traditional knowledge and community based approaches to conservation into our thinking. This past week we were also joined by students from Dr. Anne Salomon’s field course on resilience in linked social-ecological systems. Both courses were full of bright and enthusiastic students and it was a real pleasure to share a glimpse into our work at Koeye with them.

Heading back out to Koeye tomorrow, looking forward to having two groups of students out for field trips from the Bella Bella Community School. By the time we are back in town on June 7th for Oceans Day, we hope to have the weir in the water catching sockeye. Lots more photos to come.

IMG_8461 (1024x683)

Anne’s class and our crew at the weir site. 



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