Fire in Bella Bella

Over the weekend I received word that a fire has burned the building housing the Band Store, as well as the Qqs Offices and Koeye Cafe. Obviously this is a major blow to the community. They are working hard to get back on their feet as fast as possible. If you wish to help you can at



Koeye Weir Video

Some of you may have already seen this, but it’s a nice little 3 minute video put together this spring by Ilja Herb in support of an upcoming Kickstarter fundraising campaign in support of a longer 20 minute documentary we are making about the weir project. Check it out…

Back From the Field: Koeye Weir Progress, etc

I am just back in Vancouver as of Saturday evening. It’s been a whirlwind summer at the weir, where I had been since June 10th. Spending the better part of a month at Koeye  afforded me the opportunity to fine tune the weir and it’s operations, and to make sure all of our Heiltsuk weir technicians were fully up to speed with every aspect of the project. The result: we have four fantastic, fully competent, enthusiastic techs, a weir that withstood a high flow event that followed an inch and a half of rain in 10 hours and high tides brought on by the “super moon”, and a project that is well on its way through a successful first season. 

As Koeye camp gets underway for the summer, we hope the weir can become a fixture in the camp’s educational programming on stewardship and traditional culture, and the project seems to be garnering some positive buzz in the community. Almost everyone I came across on my way out of town had heard about what we are up to in Koeye and the excitement has been tangible. It’s also great to see our staff at the weir taking charge of the program, by the end of the season I had been practically relegated to camp cook, while our crew ran the sampling and tagging efforts at the weir. 

Next up for Qqs is our second consecutive year of tagging sockeye in Namu where we also run a mark-resight study for sockeye, and another month of running the weir. 

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the summer:

IMG_9551 IMG_9566 IMG_9606 IMG_9622 IMG_9677