Back from a Successful Trip to Koeye Lake


We’ve reached the midway point of our fall field season here on the Central Coast. With a brief window of good weather we hiked the grueling 10 kilometers up to Koeye Lake to get a count of sockeye before the most recent round of storms battered the region. This summer we tagged 248 sockeye allowing us to estimate how many sockeye returned to the Koeye this year using a mark-recapture estimate. On Thursday Qqs field technician Robert Johnson, one man film maestro Ilja Herb, and I counted the mainstem of the Upper Koeye with Coastwatch’s William Housty and his crew. In two days of counting we managed to count more than 2000 spawning fish and resight 56 of our tagged sockeye, ensuring that we will be able to get a respectable estimate of abundance for this year.

After three nights at the lake we walked out in a torrential rainstorm and waited out the weather before heading back into Bella Bella today. With a short break in the weather forecasted for this week we will do our best to get our counting sockeye streams around town.



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