Sitting on Water – A Season on the Koeye River


Some of you may have seen the short promotional film we did on the weir project this spring. Since then we’ve been working closely with film-maker Ilja Herb, shooting footage for what will be a 12-15 minute documentary about the weir project. We are very excited about the film as an opportunity to document the work we are doing and spread the word to friends, supporters and a broader audience in general. The film is in the editing and post-production stage now and will be released in January, and we’ve launched a crowd funding campaign through Indiegogo to cover the costs of producing the film. If you love salmon and the Great Bear Rainforest,  and you’re inspired by seeing the Heiltsuk and other First Nations standing up as stewards of their traditional territory please consider supporting our campaign! Even modest gifts make a big difference, and we have a bunch of cool rewards on offer. We’re almost half way to our goal of $5000 with 27 days to go, and with your help we can get there. Check out our indiegogo page to support us:


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