Looking for a Few More Supporters for Sitting on Water


With 13 days remaining we’re down to the homestretch on our crowd funding campaign and we’ve raised $3500. That means we’re just $1500 shy of our total goal, and you could be one of the lucky people to push us over the top. As I’ve written before, Sitting on Water is a short documentary film about Heiltsuk First Nation’s salmon stewardship, specifically, the Koeye River weir project. The Koeye is a stunningly beautiful place, home to major runs of sockeye, coho, chum, pink and steelhead, and this past summer was our first season ever running a weir in the watershed. You can help us tell the story of the weir’s inaugural season, and the Heiltuk’s growing voice as managers of salmon within their traditional territory.

There’s some great rewards for our supporters, including steelhead flies tied by yours truly (thoroughly soaked in mojo of course), beautiful prints of the Koeye and the Central Coast, and even a week long trip to Bella Bella and the Koeye river watershed in the summer of 2014 if someone is willing to dig deep to support the project.

Check out our Indiegogo page to support us!!!



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