Sitting on Water is out

At long last our documentary Sitting on Water: A Season on the Koeye River is out. Big thanks to everyone who participated in the project from our amazing team at QQs Projects Society, Ilja Herb our incredibly talented film-maker, Andrew Naysmith our editor, and of course everyone who participated in making the weir happen. It’s a long list but it wouldn’t be right to fail to mention our technicians who worked every day to make the project a reality: Scott Lawson, Robert Duncan, Richard Wilson-Hall, and Jessel Housty. The project also wouldn’t have been possible without major in-kind support from the Hakai Institute including the multi-talented Grant Callegari, and his crack team from Hakai: Jamie Cowan, Pete Taylor, Parker Christensen and Scott Nyuli. Also, a big thanks is due to Kelly Brown, the Director of the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Monitoring Department (HIRMD) for providing his time and his wisdom in a wide ranging interview on Heiltsuk resource stewardship.

The weir project wouldn’t have been possible without major financial support from Tides Canada, The Vancouver Foundation, the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s Community Salmon Program, and the McLean Foundation. And of course the making of the film was made possible by all of our generous supporters who donated during our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign, which allowed us to fund the costs of editing, music and post production for the film.

We hope to continue running the Koeye River weir this year and for many years to come, and getting the word out about the project through the documentary will be an essential part of keeping the project funded and energized.

here’s a link for the website:


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