Late-Summer Update

Summer has absolutely flown by, and predictably, updates to the website have been infrequent. All told it was another successful year at Koeye. Despite unusually high water and tides in July we managed to tag more fish that in 2013 at the weir, and sockeye returns around the region are looking to have rebounded, at least modestly following the relatively poor runs of 2013. Chinook returns to local rivers seem to have been adversely impacted by 2010 flooding which likely resulted in high mortality in incubating eggs and rearing juveniles. Coho were also later showing up this year, and it will be interesting to see how many are around when I return to Bella Bella.

I also had a couple of visitors to the Central Coast this year. One from my good friend Ryan Nathe in late June for a fishing trip to the legendary Dean River, and the other was my fiance Iva making her first trip to the Central Coast since I began working there in 2012. Both visits were wonderful, providing much needed breaks from the rigors of a four month field season and the opportunity to visit some magical places.

Iva and I spent a wonderful night hanging out with Marlene Wagner and her crew from SFU in Shearwater and were delighted by some of the most vivid bioluminescence either of us has ever seen. As we motored home slowly in the pitch black central coast night, schools of glowing fish erupted in all directions giving the ocean a haunting and magical green glow as they streaked away from the oncoming boat. The next day we headed to Koeye and spent the afternoon surfing at the mouth of the river, before spending two nights at Hakai, catching up with friends there and enjoying their legendary hospitality. If only the weather had cooperated it would have been the perfect visit.


Only a few more weeks before I head back north for the fall count, so I am enjoying some relaxation in the sun, wrapping things up on a manuscript which has needed attention since before the field season, and getting started on grant writing for the upcoming 2015 field season. It always amazes me how time passes, but I’m looking forward to wrapping up another successful season of work at Koeye and around Bella Bella.

A few pics from the summer:


Ryan’s Dean Steelhead



Iva surfs at Koeye




On West Beach at Hakai