I am a biologist currently working on my PhD in Dr. Jonathan Moore’s lab at Simon Fraser University. I received my MSc in Biological Sciences in April 2012 from Simon Fraser University and my BS in Aquatics and Fisheries Sciences from the University of Washington in 2008.

Since completing my MSc I have been working with QQs Projects Society, an indigenous driven charitable organization based in the Heiltsuk First Nation community of Bella Bella. QQs’ work is built around three pillars of cultural and natural stewardship, youth, culture and environment. During my time with QQs I have helped to design and implement a salmon research and monitoring program that provides information on culturally and economically significant populations of salmon within Heiltsuk territory.

Broadly, I am interested in the conservation of coastal ecosystems. My current research is focused on leveraging knowledge of population structure, life histories and landscape scale drivers of ecosystem dynamics to support sustainable fisheries. In particular my work and interest has focused on the biology of Pacific salmon and their ecosystems.

I am also a passionate flyfisher, photographer and sailor.

photo by Grant Callegari


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